Canon Character:  This character is an officially endorsed part of the Chakat Universe.

Zelkie Sandblossom is a chakat, age 33 when shi joined Phoenix, lifemate to Hotfoot and Burningbright. Hir sire was a skunktaur which gave hir the spotted skunk fur pattern, but the fur color came from hir mother. Hir dual heritage is responsible not only for hir double name, but also for hir telekinetic ability. The spatial awareness that psionic ability gives hir enables hir to be a superior pilot. Shi is very organized and capable of keeping track of many things at once. Mother to Candycane, sire to Pixiepaws.


Zelkie in hir ship's uniform. (art by Kacey Miyagami)

Hir half-brother (parents flipped as mother & sire) is Darkwave Quanda, a full skunktaur.

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