A guide to the sequence of events in the Chakat stories.

21st Century Edit

22nd Century Edit

  • 2111, February 1 — Chakat Genome Project begins.
  • 2120 — Great Reconstruction concludes.
  • 2129, May 17 — First chakat cubs are born.
  • 2134, February 19 — General Order 418 is decreed.
  • 2135, April 8 — While scouting a star system for viable planets, a Terran starship encounters their first sapient alien race - explorers from the planet Kà'iît – a felinoid species that would become known as the Caitians.
  • 2141, June 9 — The Voxxan race is first encountered.
  • 2158, February 11 — A human who can't even remember his own name interrupts the the peace talks with the Rakshani, and catalyzes a lasting peace.[1]
  • 2173 — All interned Sauron are transferred to the prison colony of New Mordor.

23rd Century Edit

24th Century Edit

  • 2301, June 23 — Full Chakonan independence.
  • 2326 — MayFurr and Ranthe crash-land on Chakona.[2]
  • 2328 — Construction of the Mileva Memorial Hyper-Spatial Observatory begins.
  • 2330, September 13 — The first major Earth For Humanity riot.
  • 2332, October 15 — Completion and dedication of the Mileva Memorial Hyper-Spatial Observatory.
  • 2333, January 12 — H1 bombing of first Longtail Day celebration in San Francisco, GNA, Terra.
  • 2333, July 14 — An alien object collides with the Mileva Memorial Hyper-Spatial Observatory, causing serious damage.[3]
  • 2333, October 10 — Battle of Task Force Sceptre.[4]
  • 2333, November 3 — The news about the loss of Task Force Sceptre finally reaches Chakona and Starfleet Headquarters.
  • 2333, November 4 — Battle of Chakona.[5]
  • 2333, December — F.S.S. Lijang finally limps back to Chakona; the only mobile survivor of Task Force Sceptre.
  • 2334, March 8 — The Humans First terrorists strike on Chakona.[6]
  • 2334, May — Star Home space station commissioned.[7]
  • 2336 — The success of Operation Clean Sweep severely cripples pirate activity throughout Federation space.  The Federation resumes its focus on exploration and discovery.
  • 2338 — Construction on the first Legacy class advanced cruiser (a new counter to the Stariionae threat) begins.
  • 2340 — Terra teeters on the brink of civil war, as the Humans First movement comes to a head.  Additional tough security precautions block many humans from pursuing a career with Star Fleet.
  • 2341, February 20 — F.S.S. Legacy launched on a shakedown cruise to Cait and back to Terra.
  • 2341, March 2 — On the way back to Terra, F.S.S. Legacy responds to a LNAW freighter's distress signal at Wolf 424, shortly before the freighter suffers a cataclysmic warp core breach.  Legacy then mysteriously vanishes, leaving behind only a log beacon with her final sensor data, indicating a possible hyperspacial rift overcame the vessel.

External LinksEdit

The Chakat Universe Timeline

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