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Chakat Nightfreckle outwardly appears to be a perfectly typical member of hir kind... however, under the skin, shi is totally unique, and like no form of life the Federation has ever encountered before or since.

Shi has a smoky leopard fur pattern – a dark charcoal-gray base with pure-black leopard spots, and no countershading.

Shi is the primary focal character in the Lurkers (a working title) story series.

As of 2340, shi is a Lieutenant in Star Fleet, and a member of the F.S.S. Legacy's crew; operations department.

Fanon Character:  This character is recognized as "fan-canon", and is well-known and accepted in the setting as a canon character, but is not an officially endorsed part of the Chakat Universe.

Character info statsEdit

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  • Name: Nightfreckle (mononym: no surname)
  • Parents: none (created by the Vault Denizens)
  • Date of Birth: not applicable (Date of Creation: July 2318)
  • Age, as of 2318: 18 to 20 Terran years (apparent)
  • Life expectancy: unlimited (ceases aging at 30 Terran years apparent)
  • Species: "bio-synthetic" organism, in the physical form of a chakat
  • Gender: feminine synchronous hermaphrodite (appropriate pronouns: shi, hir, hirs, hirself)
  • Xenobiology Hazard Rating: zero (hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe for prolonged intimate organic contact)

  • Skin Color: very dark brown (about 34 on Von Luschan's scale)
  • Fur Pattern: melanistic leopard (charcoal-gray, with black leopard rosettes; no belly countershading)
  • Head Hair Color: streaked charcoal & black
  • Eye Iris Color: intense feline green (with faint luminescence, visible only in darkness)

  • Talents (2318 to mid-2323): -1 empathy, -1 telepathy (no psionic signals: invisible to empathy & telepathy)
  • Talents (after mid-2323): E1 empathy, -1 telepathy (very weak empathy; invisible to telepathy)

Dossier IntroEdit

Chakat Nightfreckle is exceptionally unique, and the only Stellar Federation citizen of hir kind.  Hir incredible uniqueness is a result of the method of hir creation, and the history behind hir creators.

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Due to hir unique nature and origins, shi was forced to fight a legal battle in 2318 with the UNTWG and the Stellar Federation Command, in order to secure the same legal recognition and rights as a normal person.  Hir lawyer, Danna ap Vokarr na Hesheen, was instrumental to this battle; the two would develop a lifelong friendship.

As a result of those court decisions, Nightfreckle was formally and permanently affirmed as a legal Federation Citizen, with all the rights and privileges thereof.  Shi additionally won complete recognition and official classification as a chakat, despite hir unique biochemical and microscopic cellular structure.

Despite hir synthetic origins and unique physical makeup, the courts have determined that Nightfreckle is a natural sapient person, and not an A.I. program, nor a machine, nor a cyborg.  Shi does not neatly fit into any such category, defying the limits of our language to summarize; thus, a new term was coined to describe beings like hir: "bio-synthetic organisms".


Nightfreckle was created by a race of beings now known to the Federation as the "Vault Denizens".  Their existence is largely classified, and is not public knowledge.  Even as late as 2340, fewer than 100 people are aware of this unique offshoot of Terrans.

Further records hidden by author to avoid huge spoilers.

This character is part of a work-in-progress unpublished story.  Additional details will be entered here after they are revealed in published story chapters.

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