Neal Foster is a particularly long-lived human, owing to accidentally being the guinea pig for experimental life-extension gene therapy in the early 21st century.  His main talents include engineering and outside-the-box problem solving.

Part of his longevity is also the result of being "processed" twice.

He loves furs... and is annoying fond of the "second method" and "third method".

Life HistoryEdit

Neal's personal timeline of adventures is composed of:

c. 2020 (est.)
4 July, 2050 – 22 December, 2090
Survived the Gene Wars (strongly hinted, but not confirmed)
Middle of 2128 
Delivered several tigers to Charles and Kathrine Turner, for use in the Chakat Genome Project.
Beginning 2129
Friend of the Turners and their chakat cubs.
c. 2137
Events of Second-Hand Dreams: of Cha-Kat-s.
February, 2158
Thwarted some slavers who captured him, and helped establish peace between Terra and Raksha.  (see the Ides of March story)
date unknown (between 2170 and 2290)
Acquired and heavily customized a bulk cargo freighter he named the Pogo Stick.
date unknown
Processed after barely surviving a pirate attack near Raksha.  Tess becomes a true A.I.  A Rakshani deity known as The Traveler surreptitiously boards Neal's ship.
date unknown
Neal begins planning for starting his colonies.
dates unknown
Neal rescues a number of young furs from a failed colony, who become his first set of adopted "brats".
date unknown
Neal's kids strike out on their own, and Neal vanishes on "walkabout" for three years.
date unknown
Processed again.
date unknown
Neal rebuilds the Pogo Stick, and renames her the Folly.  (see the Maverick story)
date unknown
Neal drops off a First Contact team on the world of a reptilian race that only he and the team know the name and location of.
date unknown
The events of A Day Off.
date unknown
The events of Return to Sender.
c. 2328 to 2331
The events of the Tales of the Folly series occur (15 chapters).  Neal gains a second set of adopted kids and crew for the Folly, as well as many mates.  Star Fleet begins to seriously track Neal's movements and study the tricks he uses to power his technology, and begins copying the same sorts of tricks.
11 August, 2331 (Chakonan date 7/42/91)
Events of Tales of the Folly chapter 14 occur.
c. 2332
The story continues with Cub Keeper.
date unknown
The events of Longtails.
date unknown
The Folly is ambushed and severely crippled in battle; while unable to move under her own power anymore, the ship remains secure.  Folly assists Star Fleet in the long-distance rescue and recovery of the advanced explorer/science vessel Enigma.  (see the Mind Over Matter story)

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