Fanon Character:  This character is recognized as "fan-canon", and is well-known and accepted in the setting as a canon character, but is not an officially endorsed part of the Chakat Universe.

Nashira is a Starwalker variant of Stellar Foxtaur — as such, shi is very much at home in space, enjoys zero-gravity, and can survive up to an hour in a vacuum.

Shi is an officer in Star Fleet with a rising-star career, having earned the rank of Lieutanent Commander in only a few years, and earning a prestigious place for hirself as the Third Officer of the Federation starship F.S.S. Legacy.  Aboard the Legacy, hir station is Ship Operations, on the bridge.  Hir command experience is mostly limited to runabouts and the night shift.  Shi is an accomplished shuttle pilot, and can helm a starship.

Shi has placed hir career ahead of personal life, and has no mates or children at this time (as of 2341).  Shi is one of the new transfers to Legacy, and is not intimately familiar with the portion of the crew that transferred in from the old F.S.S. Hudson.

Nashira is a chakker fan, and sometimes even plays the game on a casual basis.  Shi enjoys three-dimensional chess, swimming, zero-G gymnastics, and is a four-year velocity champion.


  • This character is named after a star: "Nashira" is the common name for Gamma Capricorni, a giant star in the southern constellation Capricornus.
  • "Nashira" comes from the Arabic phrase "sa'd nashirah", which means "the lucky one" or "bearer of good news".

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