See also: List of Chakats, List of Foxtaurs, List of Quange, List of Skunktaurs, List of Wolftaurs.
For non-taurs, see List of Aliens, List of Humans, List of Bipedal Morphs, or List of Characters without Species.

A list of varied species of taur characters from (or for) the Chakat Universe series, or related spin-offs and fan-fiction.

This list is incomplete!  Help us fill in the gaps!

Name Species Family Group / Clan Story Arc Appearances Character ©
Azel Lion BSC Bluesky
Ambereyes racoon FT Jonathan Gilley
Bask Lion BSC Bluesky
Bern Lion BSC Bluesky
Blackheart racoon FT Jonathan Gilley
Diamondstripe * felitaur Longfall (Clan) Fish & Voxian
Evita Lion BSC Bluesky
Garrick Lion BSC Bluesky
Katiyana Snow Leopard Starswimmer (Clan) BSC Bluesky
Kendal Twintails Greyhound FT Diane Dover
Nod Tiger, Winged Starswimmer (Clan) BSC Bluesky
Sandra Savan Cheetah Calluna (Clan) BSC Bluesky
Silva Lion BSC Bluesky
Rune* Tiger Starswimmer (Clan) BSC Bluesky

* this character is someone's primary fursona, and possibly an "author avatar"; the creator may wish to apply tight controls to how & where this character is portrayed in any fan-fiction.

Always ask the creator before using any of their characters, for any reason.  At the very least, it's polite.

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