Keketh-Lillianne Longfall
Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Hermaphrodite (Herm)
Height: 171cm, 68in or 5' 8"
Mass: 172kg,380lbs
Born: 1 April 2306
Died: [2 May 2486]
Parents: Svartsvans Longfall (mother) (2197 - 2310)
Whitefur Longfall (sire) (2193 - 2314)
Siblings: Sandstrike, Oakpaw, Rebbecca, Sasha, Jane, Wictoria and May-Amy
Mates: Midsnow, Shir Nips-A-Lot, Gildedtongue and Blacktail
Children: Hopes Paws, Midsun, Moss & Radiance
Career Info
Organization: Star Fleet
Rank: Captain (longest held)
Post: Commanding Officer of the F.S.S. Longfall / Teaching tactical command at Amistad Fleet academy
Status: Still in active duty

Chakat Keketh-Lillianne Longfall is the youngest daughter of Svartsvans and Whitefur Longfall. The white-tigress chakat with the heterochromia eyes (Blue/Green) and red hair is unlike many chakats, in that shi has a double name and a surname.

Keketh-Lillianne has a number of nicknames. Shi is known as "Keklily" to any personal acquaintance, while closer friends and family call hir "Kek", as a child shi'd go by the nickname of "Keketh"... and when on-duty shi prefers to be addressed as "[hir rank] Longfall".

Shi is also fluent in two languages (Swedish and English).

The ChakatEdit

Those knowing Keklily as a chakat may recognize hir as a happy and go lucky chakat with a lot of kinks and dreams, an obsession for Pre-Gene Wars Metal music, and shi can be found at hir home on Ulara, or at The Cat's Eye Pub (both on Chakona)... often reading something while listening to music (frequently singing along) with a glass of what shi calls a LST "Longfall Story Teller" (a drink made of 2oz lime rum 40%, 2oz lemon vodka 40%, ice, and 10oz pepsi).

Most of the time shi spends with hir daughter Hopes Paws, lifemate Midsnow, or other family members.

Keklily rarely wears any kind of top when off duty, only when shi sees fit or cause it's cold.

The OfficerEdit

Some might know Keklily as the stern but just and cheerful starship commanding officer. Keklily is a Tactical Officer.

Special noteEdit

The silver chakat known as Hopes Paws is often confused as Keklily's sister, but Keklily is Hopes Paws' only biological parent. Hopes Paws was born when Keklily was 20 years old.