Chakat Greenstar
1378414253.chakatgreenstar greenstar by tawni
Vital statistics
Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 5' 4" (1.6256 meters)
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Born: Unknown
Died: Still Alive
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None
Mates: Vulpire (companion)

Jatiner "Jat" Firecate (companion) Wavelength (denmate)

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Career Info
Organization: Neko Cafe
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Greenstar has black fur, soot black hair, soot black paw pads, soot black inside ears and has emerald green eyes.  An interesting feature shi has is  two fluffy tails (fluffy from the skunktaur genes), normally short fur everywhere else (except hair, though kept short).  Hir abilities are: E1 Empath, P5 or P6 Teleporter. However, shi can only control up to P3 before shi loses control.  Shi is actually pretty androgynous for a chakat.  Shi has a chest size of C-cup.  Shi was formerly a Librarian, currently between jobs, but shi dreams of owning hir own cafe.


-Greenstar's history is a mystery, even to hir as of right now (re-writing hir history).
-Hir name comes from hir eyes, suggested as "green stars on a black night." Also from the fact that shi "fell" to Chakona like a falling, green star.
-Protective of hir two tails.
-Shi can cook, specializing in salads, sandwiches, soups, and sweets.
-Smaller than normal, shi is only 5'4"
-Hir favorite colors are blue, green, teal, and silver.
-Shi loves being with friends.
-Very ticklish.
-Afraid of spiders.


Outside Amistad on Flinders Continent


Story Canon
Vulpire the Mountain Breed Stellar Foxtaur
Jatiner "Jat" Firecat the Red Panda Morph
Chakat Wavelength


Greenstar (Green or Greenie for short) is typically the main character of Neko Memoirs. These stories follow hir life's journey as shi continues to learn more about hirself, life on Chakona, and others.
Neko Memoirs: Guidance
Neko Memoirs: Comfort
Neko Memoirs: Resolved
Neko Memoirs: Open Mind
Neko Memoirs: Underground Stars- Chapter 1

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