Fanon Article: This information is not considered official but is well-known and widely accepted for use Chakat Universe.

The F.S.S. Hudson is a Biscay class light cruiser and the second of her class.

Under the command of her final commander, Captain Henry Carter, she served with distinction for the final years of her operational life.  In early November of 2333, her captain received word that Chakona had been attacked by the Stariionae, and ordered his ship to rush there will all due haste.  For the next several months, Hudson participated in the cleanup operations in the aftermath of the Battle of Chakona, and helped reinforce the devastated Chakona Security Forces.

Three years later, she hunted pirates during the massive policing actions known as Operation Clean Sweep.  In this operation, she destroyed one pirate ship, disabled three others, and tagged four more (allowing them to be tracked and captured by other Starfleet vessels).  She then teamed up with the F.S.S. Essex (Balmoral-class frigate) and the F.S.S. Changi (Changi-class heavy cruiser) to attack a pirate haven and slave-runner asteroid base hidden in the Vega system.  Despite the Hudson being partially disabled by a gravity mine, she was able to smash the pirate vessel sent to intercept her, and get back in the fight quickly enough to finish the operation.  The pirate base's defenses were disabled, the slaves were rescued, and then the entire complex was demolished.  The task force dealt a crippling blow to pirate activity throughout the sector.

Hudson was retired from active service in 2340, and it was decided to convert her into a museum ship, with the addition of a special memorial for those lost in the Battle of Task Force Sceptre... especially the loss of her two remaining sister ships, the F.S.S. Biscay and the F.S.S. Hawke, which were destroyed with all hands.

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