Except where otherwise specified, the text on Wikia sites is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA).

Please see Wikia:Licensing for details.

Chakats and the Chakat Universe are the intellectual property of Bernard Doove (aka Goldfur). He has consented to the use of such materials on this wiki, for the purpose of this wiki (as reference material).

Certain images from the Chakat's Den website may be hosted here as well, for clarification of relevant articles. They remain the property of their artists and character owners. Their use is also authorized.

Please be aware that some of this artwork may have mildly mature themes or content. We'll try to keep the raunchy stuff under control, but the Chakat Universe is for mature audiences. Nude furry pictures are within this site. No, the community will not remove them to satisfy complaints borne from excessive prudishness or concerns for children. The fans of this stuff have no such problems with it, and this wiki is for the fans.

Copyright claims and notices should be filed with the wiki founder, Tigerstripe. Please do so before taking any action. Arbitrary removal of any content, without a precise and legitimate reason, will be treated as vandalism/defacement, and quickly reverted.

We'll appreciate it, and be more cooperative, if you choose to work with us, rather than against us.

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