Fanon Article: This information is not considered official but is well-known and widely accepted for use Chakat Universe.

Chakamils, short for 'chakat, military specification' are a highly illegal modification of the work of the Doctors Turner. They were created by a Federation Science Corps research task force in anticipation of a need to invade New Mordor. Chakats were initially considered as ideal for military personnel to make up the ground forces necessary to fight the Sauron, due to their designed-in high resistance to disease. However, their empathic talent and well-grounded personalities made them entirely unsuitable to be shock troops of any kind. While chakats can, will and have fought bravely in defense of cubs, mates and friends, they do not generally have a soldier's mentality; and when it was discovered that Star Fleet estimated ground forces in the millions of chakats would be necessary, the chakat community wanted nothing to do with the idea.

Chakamils are not easily distinguished on casual inspection from chakats. Perhaps the most easily-observed difference is that chakamils tend to have short tails; they were based on species such as bobcats and lynx. Chakamils also are not as dextrous as chakats with their handpaws; the chakamils have a set of retractable claws which chakats do not. A more subtle distinction is that chakamils are generally leaner of build and less busty than chakats.

There is debate as to whether chakamils are in fact a separate race, or simply a sub-genus of chakats. Certainly the two can interbreed, and cubs will display a mix of both parents' traits, physical, mental and emotional.

Chakamils have somewhat more aggressive, less empathic or nurturing personalities. This is not to say they are berserkers or utterly without warmer feelings; the best way to put it might be that if chakats generally can be considered as essentially feminine in outlook, then chakamils are essentially masculine. Even in heat, chakamils tend to be butch.

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