On 4 November 2333, less than 24 hours after news about the disastrous Battle of Task Force Sceptre finally reached Chakona and Starfleet Headquarters, the Stariionae arrived in the Chakastra system.  Their mission was apparently to "rescue" young Star Dancer from the "muck dwellers" (as they called organic beings originating from inhabitable worlds).

What followed was another disaster for the Stellar Federation...

Battle eventsEdit

Red Alert!  Now entering a spoiler field!
The Mileva Memorial Hyper-Spatial Observatory was first to detect the approaching aliens, just moments before it was completely destroyed.

Less than 15 minutes later, the Stariionae arrived in orbit around Chakona, and a furious battle erupted.  All 10 of the Chakona Security Force's defense fighters in Echo squadron were destroyed in moments, along with all 20 members of their crews.  Multiple other starships were destroyed, and Chakona Gateway Station was heavily damaged and nearly knocked out of orbit.

The Stariionae broke through the defenses and tore most of Repair Station Sigma-17 apart, trying to rescue Star Dancer (who the Stariionae named "Brina").  Star refused to go with them, forcing Parn to reconsider that 'muck-dwellers' might be capable of love, and had cared well for Star.  Krita insisted that she be left behind with Star, while Parn took the rest of the Tribe to an unknown region of space.


Red Alert!  Now entering a spoiler field!
Debris from the battle rained down like a meteor shower across Chakona for days.  Chakona Gateway Station had lost all its thrusters, so its orbit had to be boosted with emergency thruster packs, before it struck the surface like an asteroid.  Between the earlier raids, the Battle of Task Force Sceptre, and this battle, over 4,000 lives had been lost... many bodies would never be recovered or identified.

Krita (known to the Federation as "Auntie"), who was pregnant with twins (courtesy of Parn), remained with Star Dancer and provided an enormous sum of information to educate the young Stariionae, since she knew she was too old to survive the birth of her children.  Indeed, she perished giving birth to twins.

Star Home space station was built about six months later, to house Star Dancer and her two baby half-siblings, Strelka and Zarya.  They continue to teach the Federation what Krita taught them about Stariionae culture, and have been adopted as Federation citizens.

The remains of Parn's Tribe have not been seen or heard from since they left Chakona.  Many throughout Starfleet fear the Stariionae may return one day, and bring a guerrilla war the Federation cannot win...

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